You Never Know….

Long ago, I worked for a magazine as the publisher for a company that was located in Savannah, Georgia. I had it great for a while, because the owner of the company really liked me and gave me complete authority to run the magazine how I wanted. Then, the owner decided to retire, and he hired a CEO to run his business, who disliked me from the moment he met me. Now, I am a likable woman and most people find me pleasant to be around, but this man hated my guts immediately. He was very southern and I think he found assertive woman offensive – plus he was quite machismo and demanded obedience from everyone underneath him in the company.

Before I knew it, he was on my back everyday via emails, voicemails, texts and phone calls, micromanaging me to death. His tone was always demeaning  and it was obvious that he despised me. Believe me, the feeling was mutual and he began to make me hate my job. I eventually quit because life is just too short to endure a miserable work scenario!
Right after I quit, I had a hypnosis session with my friend who had recently become a therapist, and I fell under immediately. I saw a scene of myself on trial, and I was wearing a drab, pilgrim looking get-up. I was being accused of being a witch, and was convicted and scheduled to hang that afternoon. I then saw myself on the platform, with the noose around my neck, and a man approached me, spit in my face and then put the cover over my head.

He was the CEO that hated me in this lifetime.No wonder we detested each other!